Dialed In

You feel bad, but it’s just one of those things that gets neglected. It has always looked good sitting on your shelf, but it’s starting to collect dust. You’re a little afraid to try and clean it because if you damage it, you might not be able to find a replacement. It is an antique after all. Don’t run away, you have the ability to do it. Remember though, with great power comes great responsibility. Just make sure that when you start to clean it, you follow a few guidelines. In this article we will talk about cleaning, not restoration. If it’s dull or missing layers of paint, cleaning will do it NO good.

Before you start to clean it, make sure you get the following equipment:
-elbow grease
-plastic cleaner (cleaner that is compatible with your radio)
-different size brushes (paint brushes work)
-warm water
-small soft towels
-air blower (eBay sells a lot)

Take a towel and put it on a flat surface. It’s good to do it in a garage or outside. Go somewhere where there is good ventilation. Avoid direct sunlight.

Clean off all the dust that accumulated over the months. Use the small brushes and brush away any dust, dirt or grime. Your first thought might be to wet the radio to take off the dust. DON’T! It will just smear and make it harder to come off.

Next, when the dust is gone, take a small cloth towel, wet it, and get rid of any small dirty areas on the radio. Now move on to the bigger stuff. Don’t start with the plastic cleaner you bought just yet. Sometimes they can have bad reactions with some of the parts due to the strength. Start with soap and water and move up. This will make sure you don’t damage your radio. Do a light wash 3-4 times. Remember that it’s never going to look like it just came down the assembly line. Its an old radio so you want to make it look natural.
After the above steps, clean the knobs the same way that you cleaned the radio. Always dust first, then wet another cloth with soap and water and move on from there.

Don’t forget to clean your radio case. If you have made it through all these steps and it looks good but you think it could be better, you can try the plastic cleaner. Make sure you test it first to make sure it will work with your radio.

Follow these steps and your antique radio will shimmer almost like the day you bought it. Make sure to keep up a regular cleaning schedule. If you do so, it will be easier to clean next time. For any bigger cleaning projects like business, rental, or house cleaning, remember to use Triple Top Cleaning – Bond Cleaning to make sure your projects get done properly if you feel you can’t handle it yourself.

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