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You feel bad, but it’s just one of those things that gets neglected. It has always looked good sitting on your shelf, but it’s starting to collect dust. You’re a little afraid to try and clean it because if you damage it, you might not be able to find a replacement. It is an antique after all. Don’t run away, you have the ability to do it. Remember though, with great power comes great responsibility. Just make sure that when you start to clean it, you follow a few guidelines. In this article we will talk about cleaning, not restoration. If it’s dull or missing layers of paint, cleaning will do it NO good.

Before you start to clean it, make sure you get the following equipment:
-elbow grease
-plastic cleaner (cleaner that is compatible with your radio)
different size brushes (paint brushes work)
-warm water
-small soft towels
-air blower (eBay sells a lot)

Take a towel and put it on a flat surface. It’s good to do it in a garage or outside. Go somewhere where there is good ventilation. Avoid direct sunlight.

Clean off all the dust that accumulated over the months. Use the small brushes and brush away any dust, dirt or grime. Your first thought might be to wet the radio to take off the dust. DON’T! It will just smear and make it harder to come off.

Next, when the dust is gone, take a small cloth towel, wet it, and get rid of any small dirty areas on the radio. Now move on to the bigger stuff. Don’t start with the plastic cleaner you bought just yet. Sometimes they can have bad reactions with some of the parts due to the strength. Start with soap and water and move up. This will make sure you don’t damage your radio. Do a light wash 3-4 times. Remember that it’s never going to look like it just came down the assembly line. Its an old radio so you want to make it look natural.
After the above steps, clean the knobs the same way that you cleaned the radio. Always dust first, then wet another cloth with soap and water and move on from there.

Don’t forget to clean your radio case. If you have made it through all these steps and it looks good but you think it could be better, you can try the plastic cleaner. Make sure you test it first to make sure it will work with your radio.

Follow these steps and your antique radio will shimmer almost like the day you bought it. Make sure to keep up a regular cleaning schedule. If you do so, it will be easier to clean next time. For any bigger cleaning projects like business, rental, or house cleaning, remember to use Triple Top Cleaning – Bond Cleaning to make sure your projects get done properly if you feel you can’t handle it yourself.

Fixing Your Antique Radio

Oh, to the days when things were simple; just knobs, speakers, and frequency. A time that wasn’t filled with trying to update to the newest operating system or a yearly yearning to update your phone. A time when people enjoyed gathering around the old radio to hear the newest western or piece of news. Even though every era brings about a new piece of technology that we feel we need, it’s nice to hold on to the old things that help us remember the former days. Unfortunately, as time goes on, things get old and break down no matter how hard you try to keep them up. What can you do if your antique radio seems to be on its last legs? Is it time to grab the old rifle and take care of it quickly so it feels no pain? Of course not! Things can always be fixed. Well, for the most part they can. What about your radio?

Thankfully, things built back in the day were simple. So don’t assume you need a degree in electronics to fix it. Their designs are very conventional or simple. They were built with parts that could be replaced, something that we wish modern technology would incorporate as well. Fixing antique radios is something that people have even taken up as a bit of a hobby. Still, be careful because there are parts of the radio that could give you a bit of a zap. If you’re not a patient person that likes to make sure things are done right, you might just forgo the whole thing and leave it to a real handyman.

Depending on the problem you have with your radio, there are many sources of help to use. The internet is a great tool to locate old manuals or “how to” sites to fix certain things on your radio. When using a search engine try typing in things like “antique radio repair,” or “help with vintage radios.” There are a lot of books available as well. Check your local public library for more information.

For the most part when you start to repair the actual radio, you will only need to do a little soldering. Take your time and follow the recommended safety procedures. It’s good practice to make sure the radio is unplugged so you don’t shock yourself. Be sure to equip yourself with the proper tools. You can go to your local electronic store and buy some screwdrivers and a multi tester for a small price. With the right tools and books you will have your radio fixed in no time. Have fun!

Tools You Need to Have For Sanding

If you like working with wood, you will obviously eventually have to sand pieces you are working on. Sanding is one of the most vital things needed to be done when finishing wood pieces. If you need to refinish or fix old furniture, one way to revitalize them is to sand then put new finishes on them. With the rise in research, technology, and woodworking as a hobby, there are now various sanding tools available to help you get that perfect finish on wood. The parts for tools needed for sanding are few so it’s easy to do small projects by yourself. For larger projects like sanding hardwood floors, visit www.floorsandingbrisbane.com.au.

You are probably familiar with most sanding tools. For example, you probably have seen your dad use sheets of sandpaper in the garage. These are great for not so big projects. They are very cost effective and you can get different smoothness for rough to fine sanding. You can use your hand to hold and sand or you can attach them to a handle for easier control. If you’re doing a project with a lot of curves or small tight corners, you’ll need to use something else but these are great for straight pieces like shelving.

Then there are disc sanders. These you can use with handheld machine sanders. These make sanding surfaces fast especially if you have a lot of cabinets, floor boards, or other big sanding projects to do.

Belt sanders are for machine powered and handheld looped sanders. The belt spins to give a fast sanding job. If you want to shape things fast or take surface layers off, this is the sander for you.

Then there is the sanding sponge. Like a sponge, it is soft and malleable. It is best used for those hard-to-get to areas for sanding in furniture or other projects. These also come in different smoothness.

If you don’t have the strength like you used to or don’t have a lot of time on your hands, hand-held power sanders are the way to go. If you’re into woodworking for a hobby or for work, these tools are essential to have. When buying these tools, try them out at the hardware store. Usually they have floor models that you can sample at the store. Make sure they are easy for you to handle and maintain.

You health is important to keep well so make sure you get power sander tools that have an attachment that collects dust so dust doesn’t get into your lungs. Get sizes that work well with the type of projects you do. Other safety tools you need for sanding are proper goggles, dust mask, and gloves. Make sure there is enough air coming in for fresh breathable air.

How To Locate A Reputable Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney is a lawyer that has experience and training in what is called tort law. They are able to help people that have been injured at work, while driving, or if they have fallen at a local shopping center. If someone else is to blame, there is likely a settlement coming your way, but it is something that you will almost always have to fight for. That is why it is so imperative to have a skilled personal injury attorney, handling all of the paperwork, and of course representing you in a court of law.

How To Find The Best Personal Injury Attorney

Lawyers that specialize in tort law will often have a website that you can visit online, and you will want to choose those that are highly recommended by previous clients. Local listings on Google can provide you with this information, but sometimes you are lucky enough to get a recommendation from a coworker that was also injured in a similar situation, allowing them to recommend the lawyer that helped them get a settlement. You can also call a couple of them, set appointments, and make your determination based upon your one-on-one meeting. After presenting all of the information that you have right now, they can make a decision as to whether or not you have a case, and then tell you if they will be able to represent you.

Find One Today

Whether you are facing a situation where there was an assault, an accident at home, or if you were the victim of a product defect that has caused you personal injury, these lawyers are always ready and willing to help the victims in the circumstances, helping thousands of people every year obtain some type of settlement. If your injuries have lead to hospital bills that you cannot afford, or if your employer no longer once you to work for them, find a personal injury lawyer today that can represent you so that your rights can be protected and a settlement can be obtained through their efforts as your attorney.